Sound Design for Creatures Collide

Howdy y’all I got some fun stuff for you today. I created some assets for a game. The game involved various animals in an arena battling for food and The brief tasked us with creating some sounds such as stomach grumbles for the animals and entrance sounds when they enter the arena.

We were given only a few days to come up with the assets with very little guidance or even imagery to base our sounds off. We did our best and I think the products we achieved suit the production.

Here are some examples of stomach grumbles and forest ambience.


To have some fun with this I used a lot of time stretching of recorded elements. I would record myself making a strange sound and then stretch it to match a larger or smaller creature.

To give a comical idea of what I mean take this sound for example.

Angry Barking Man

From this sound I stretched the original recording using Varispeed time stretching in Pro Tools to achieve this.

‘Bear’ Entrance Effect

Through simply stretching the waveform I have created a new asset that serves an entirely different purpose. From here I decided to clean up the sound a little using some EQ and the Waves X-Noise plugin.


Here is the cleaned up (slightly, still wanted it to be bear-like) bear entrance sound.

Cleaned ‘Bear’ Entrance Effect

Through using these techniques and plugins I have created a larger base that I can create and draw my content from. This will help my productions in the future as I can think of new and varying ways to implement older recordings for use in a new project.


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