MidSide Sessions. A Journey.

Over the last 3 months Ric, Sarah and have embarked on a musical discovery. Here is a list of the things we have done.

  • Recorded and filmed 4 separate artists/groups performing covers and original compositions.
  • Recorded 18 songs totaling 92 minutes of audio and 36GB of ProTools Sessions.
  • Filmed and edited 18 live song performances totaling 92 minutes and 155GB of video files.
  • Interacted with 8 industry professionals from Brisbane.
  • Released a website/portfolio.
  • Created a Facebook page that now has 151 likes, and approx 1300 people reached on content posts.
  • Created a YouTube Channel to publish our content.

Our benchmark for this project as I have stated earlier is the website Audiotree. From the get go we knew this was a bloody high bar to aim for but I think what we have produced is a good start. We started off a bit shaky with a few workflow concerns and planning issues that we sorted out as promptly as we could. From there the most obvious thing lacking comparing our product to Audiotree is the visual component. The use of dynamic movement and much smoother editing really gives across the live feel that is missing from our sessions. I feel we embraced the idea of using the sound of the room to our advantage, using some risky mic choices for some of the sessions turned out much better than what could have been. I think we have a varying in loudness from one artist to the next and we should endeavour to have a more standardised mastering chain.

Speaking of mastering, we decided to use simple mastering for the sake of keeping the live sessions flowing. Our chain consisted of an EQ to control the the upper and lower edges of the audio spectrum, going into a very soft compressor just to soften any really harsh peaks before going into a multiband brickwall limiter. For the acoustic sets like Not A Lemur the multiband limiter acted as a de-esser as well. The idea was to have a set and forget mentality about it. Now this is not the way to go about a studio production but in this instance it was to ensure that all of the songs felt that they were in the same room being played consecutively and we achieved that.

With more practice we can achieve something that rivals Audiotree, I firmly believe that. I am going to be studying a bit about film in the new year and with that hope to gain a deeper understanding on how film works and how it can be employed to achieve what we want. I would eventually like to have the sessions run as one complete shot as that would instantly bring the level of credibility up in so far as being live recordings. To do this we will need new camera equipment which is way down the end of the line.

We intend to keep this project going after our term at university is completed and as such are looking for ways to accomplish this. It will most likely be a long and expensive road, but it will sure as fuck be fun.






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