MidSide what now?


Well well well what do we have here? A new name? A new logo? What is all this then? For my team and I’s major project this trimester we have decided to advance on our previous experience in live studio recordings. We aim to do this by creating a marketable product that produces high quality studio sessions of local Brisbane bands (for now!). We settled on the name MidSide Sessions after much indecisiveness and the use of hilarious indie name generators.

“MidSide Sessions brings local Brisbane musical talent into the limelight and onto the worldwide stage by capturing live performance in high quality music videos.”

There a few reasons why we see this project as a good opportunity for us and the performers.

  • There’s a current lack of this sort of product in Brisbane so there’s a definite market for it.
  • It is a potential business opportunity
  • Opportunity to showcase local talent and support local musicians
  • It would look awesome as a portfolio piece
  • Opportunity to expand network with local musicians for future business opportunities.
  • Gain good reputation as sound engineers amongst local music scene.

The plan for this project is to record a handful of bands differing in style, who will perform a live set of 3-4 songs. We are hoping to achieve a live feel with these recordings, and show a true representation of the artist and their music. In the end our main goal is to send our recorded live studio sessions from great muso’s to lovers of music. To accomplish this we will be filming and editing the sessions ourselves to later be published on all forms of social media and our website.





For reference audiotree.tv covers pretty much exactly what we want to do. For now a few aspects of our production are lacking. We have a small live room which is quite restrictive, the lighting in said live room is possessed and we have to position performers accordingly. We have been unable to find a dedicated filmographer for this project so we are limited in our choice of cameras and as such the quality is not as high as our previous live session with RedBop. Down the line it would be great to have free cameras roaming in the performance as the static 2 camera set up we have as of now is quite stagnant to watch. The video editing is definitely the biggest time consumer of this project and will have to be managed to ensure there is no backlog of sessions to complete.

We have 5 bands set to record with us over the next few weeks, stay tuned for updates.



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