MidSide Sessions: Charlotte Mclean

Welcome to the first MidSide Sessions Session… Maybe we should have thought the name out a little more. Oh well. Charlotte Mclean was the first one up to bat for MidSide Sessions.


You can contact Charlotte via her website.

“Charlotte Mclean is emerging as one of Australia’s most captivating and original young jazz vocalists. A recent graduate of Jazz Music Institute, Charlotte’s exemplary skills as an improviser allow her to put a fresh spin on classic jazz repertoire, and her original tunes have garnered critical and popular acclaim. Possessed of a velvety-smooth voice, she produces her own addictive style that has already seen her perform with artists such as Hugh Jackman, James Sherlock, Toby Wren, John Hoffman, Steve Russell, Paul Hudson, and Bruce Woodward to name a few.”



Recording Session, Tuesday 3th of November:

3:00 pm – Enter Neve, begin setting up Pro Tools session according to specifications. Hire all necessary studio equipment

3:30 pm – Band members arrive and set up. Set up mics and stage plot

4:00 pm – Setup cameras/lighting.

5:00 pm – Have session, microphones and cameras ready for recording.

5:15 pm to 7pm – Audio and video recording

7:15 pm – Any other recordings needed to be recorded by this time, begin tearing down session.

7:30 pm – Musicians pack down

8:00 pm – Pack down all gear. Back up Pro Tools session to external hard drive. Transfer all camera footage from SD cards to external hard drives

9:00 pm – Exit Neve studio, returning everything to its original state.


Studio unavailable, postpone or if necessary use alternative studio.

Microphone choice not the best, switch to alternative.

Microphone not available for use, switch to alternative.

Ensure musicians have backup instruments

Desired sound is not achieved, change microphone placement or try different material/approach.

Faulty equipment, inform supervisors and find replacement.




The session went well. There were a couple of hiccups here and there but overall it went smoothly. Of the hiccups that did occur the mo  st frustrating one was not audio related. Due to lack of a film student we were restricted in our usage of the cameras. We were only allowed to use the Canon 600D kits. Unbeknownst to us (as audio students) the cameras have a file recording limit of 4GB. This means that when the video file gets to 4GB the camera stops filming and mockingly flashes that it has stopped recording. Because of this we had to stop and start recording in between songs. This ruined the flow of the set for me lessening the live feel of the set. We had no choice but to film this way and hopefully in the future we can work out a solution.


As with every session I have had in the Neve studio the headphone mix decided to play tricks on us by having a different mix in the live room than what was showing in the control room. Thankfully the musicians were extremely skilled and were non-demanding of the headphone mix.

By being prepared for the rest of the session we had plenty of time to sort out the headphone kerfuffle. We had the Pro Tools sessions prepared before the fact and had our input lists drawn up as well. A stage plot helped us prepare microphones before musicians showed up.

For our second attempt at recording a live session it went a lot smoother than it could have.



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