Contracts and all that.

This blog will be a little short and sweet. To further the legitimacy of our ‘business’ we have drafted a couple of contracts that serve different purposes.

“Contracts and agreements between people are made to ensure that the correct work is delivered and reimbursed appropriately and accurate credit is given where due. It’s important these contracts are fair and represent the agreed upon work accurately.”

Of the 2 contracts there is a group work contract and an artist release form. The group work contract is just for us at MidSide Sessions to ensure that we as individuals uphold our aspects of the project to their usual standards. The other form is for the artists enabling us to use their performance on our website along with any promotional photos, videos and sound files related to the project.

Another thing to keep in mind is the time constraints and budget for a project. For this we have also created an invoice for customers which details products and their costs. A mock-up has been included for an example.

Here are the links.

Group Work Contract

Artist Release

Invoice Mock Up


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