Not these guys again.

Early on in week 7 Ricardo was contacted again by the masterminds behind WTF Radio. They had sent us a request to compile and edit foley for their pilot episode of the show. The total time of the segments equalled approximately 32 minutes. We were stoked! A whole buttload more foley work to do, hell yeah! Then we found out the deadline was in 2 days. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise but it still stung. We hurriedly wrote up a session plan and booked the studio. Session plan is below.

Session Plan

We had essentially one and a half days to complete the work. We decided to focus our efforts towards the larger skits as they would obviously be the bigger audience attention grabbers. The session went decently well and shockingly fast. If I can remember correctly we had the studio booked from 2pm until 10pm, it was a long evening. At around 7:30pm Ricardo had to leave or risk missing the last bus home, this is when Aaron and I turned our attention to the shorter clips that just the two of us could complete. We wrapped up the session with about 70% of the audio recorded and endeavoured to finish the rest the following morning.

With a fresh outlook and a little sleep we entered the studio Thursday morning. With the four of us (Ric, Sarah, Aaron and myself) all together the final sounds were completed quite quickly.

If there was a greater time frame I think we could have really fleshed out the sound for these scenes, but considering the shitty time frame we did have I think the final products are at least a passable standard (some more so than others).

We created a multitude of sounds for this project. From simple footsteps to garage doors opening and even a magical teleporting sound. Please give the final products a listen below. All sounds beside dialogue were created by us.

Google Drive Link




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