Electronic Music Discovery


The first song that I have chosen to examine in my foray into electronic music is Smack my bitch up by The Prodigy. This song was released on the 24th of November 1997 and reached top 15 on many different music charts. The Prodigy are considered to be (among others) the pioneers of the big beat genre, to which this song firmly belongs. The genre of big beat is described as “…a genre of music that typically uses heavy break-beats and synthesizer-generated loops and patterns common to techno and acid house.” and this song employs these characteristics greatly, from the obvious break-beat drum pattern to the synth lines. Big beat came to rise in the 1990’s emerging from the British dance scenes desire for something a little bit different. Drawing from multiple genres such as break-beat and rave music with some pop sensibility sprinkled on top, big beat was born. This song would have been targeted at the club or rave scene at the time, so by extension young adults looking to party. Despite the targeted audience this song appeals to many others that would not be expected. Due to the sound of the song, being fast paced and kind of aggressive sounding, this song was accepted by rock and metal enthusiasts as well as the club scene.


The second song that I have decided to look into is Drop the Game by Flume & Chet Faker. Now this song is pretty loosely electronic but Flume is an electronic artist and Chet dabbles, so hopefully thats enough. This song was released on 18th November 2013 and achieved a number 18 rank on the ARIA charts. This song fits into a strange genre (at least it’s new to me) of electronica that goes by the name of downtempo. The genre is aptly named and the characteristics are (obviously) a slow tempo that constitutes a relaxed atmosphere (usually) and also a combination of electronic and acoustic elements. This song in particular encompasses all of these elements by using a slow tempo, airy vocal harmonies and the soothing synth sounds. Despite this the song still has a very danceable feel to it. The target audience of this track would be people looking to relax or chill out whilst also being targeted at the people looking to have a dance as well.. The slow tempo and harmonies are very conducive to this being a relaxing track, whereas the driving beat still allows it be danced to. This song would also appeal to people who wouldn’t necessarily be interested in electronic music due to the very acoustic feel that it portrays.


The third song in this musical quest of discovery will be Global Concepts by Robert DeLong. The song was released sometime during 2013 and received copious amounts of radio play here in Australia. This is one of my all time favourite songs and yet I find it difficult to place the genre of it. It is obviously electronic dance music but there is something about it that doesn’t seem right to place it there. I stumbled upon this title of “indietronica” which encompasses indie rock music with an affinity for electronic elements. This seems fitting due to the fact the DeLong has been a drummer in indie bands prior to his career as an electronic music producer. This song in question is very much a pop song as well as being electronica. Global Concepts is a song targeted at the youth who are unsure of what to do with themselves. It has this strong feeling of intrepidness that strikes well with the indecisive of youth today. Despite this the song has quite a poppy cheery sound that plays well over the radio for the general masses to enjoy as well.


The final song on this adventure down electronic music avenue will be a song called Is it a Banger by a group called ODD MOB. This song is so far out of the scope of what I usually listen to and there is very little actual information available online so I will do my best to explain it. The song was released sometime in 2014 and reached number 70 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2014. This song is straight up no holds barred electronic dance music. The group themselves describe their sound as “Bass” according to their Facebook page, which I guess is pretty fitting. To narrow down the genre playing field a little I would place this within the house music genre. House music is described as being “…characterized by repetitive 4/4 beats, rhythms mainly provided by drum machines, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines”. That is a pretty fucking broad genre but the points are there. This song is targeted at the brodudes who wanna pop some pingas and get rekt. Not really though (kind of), it is targeted at the DJ’s who would be the ones most likely to play their music in clubs and by extension the people who would attend said clubs. The thumping bass and pop culture reference made by the use of the Parks and Recreation sample make this an easy and popular choice at clubs.

Variations Audio Timeliner Files and Songs

Covers LO’s 1,9,12,21




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