Quiz Tones yo.

So today in class we had a muck around with Quiztones. Having done the diploma I have had a little experience in critical listening. I did three tests, one with just sine waves, then boosting the eq on an acoustic guitar and finally boosting the eq on a drum kit.

I found that I was pretty good at detecting the sine wave on either the first or second try. Once you get it wrong you get a reference for the correct tone though so its a bit cheaty.


A decent score.

Secondly I tried my hand at the EQ test on an acoustic guitar. I was ok at this, I had a little difficulty discerning between the higher eq boosts, mainly 4-16k.


Not the best score.

Lastly I tried some drums. I found this a little easier, maybe because I play drums but it was easier to determine the higher frequencies by listening for the snare buzz and cymbal sharpness.

I am ok with this.

I am ok with this.

Thanks for looking.




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